Federated Pension Plan & Federated Retirement Savings Plan:
Passport plans, TUPE & multi employer plans

PAN Trustees Limited acts as the sole trustee to the Federated Pension Plan and the Federated Retirement Savings Plan.

Both of these plans are multi-employer plans and offer the flexibility of providing employees with defined benefit or defined contribution pension arrangements.

The Federated Pension Plan is considered to be one of the leading multi-employer passport plans in the UK with passports to assist in the TUPE transfer of staff from NHS, Civil Service and Local Government pension arrangements where employers are tendering for public sector contracts, are required to comply with Fair Deal on Staff Pensions.

The Federated Pension Plan has passports (Certificates of Broad Compatability issued by the Government Actuary's Department) for the NHS Pension Scheme, all sections of the principal Civil Service Pension Scheme and Local Government Pension Schemes.


In 2009 the Federated Pension Plan was unanimously awarded "Scheme of the Year" by our industry peers.

For more information on the Federated Pension Plan or the Federated Retirement savings Plan contact Andrew Cheeseman.

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