PAN’s philosophy is that a successful relationship between trustees, employer and advisers develops from all parties properly understanding their roles and responsibilities and being appropriately open about their respective positions (and tackling inappropriate biases head on).

PAN’s general stance as part of (or partner with) a trustee board is one of openness and team building whilst ensuring that all parties appreciate the trust law, regulatory and custom/practice reasons underpinning any position the trustees may be required to take.

Approach to client service

Our approach to client service is very simple:

  • We are totally committed to providing a proactive, quality service
  • We understand our fiduciary duties and appreciate that it is our function to administer the trust
  • It is essential that the trustees work with the employer, who is responsible for the design of the trust and the benefits provided
  • We appreciate the need to work with our trustee board colleagues and develop a good working relationship
  • We look to provide strong input (and leadership as required) and to bring practical common sense to all our dealings