Steve Delo

“Independent Trusteeship is about helping focus a trustee board’s energies on matters of genuine importance”

Steve Delo is Managing Director of PAN Governance LLP and a former President of the Pensions Management Institute. Prior to becoming an independent trustee, his career spanned senior roles in consulting and asset management. He was co-founder of an award-winning asset manager, where he pioneered manager selection/monitoring techniques and innovative governance frameworks for DC schemes. He is currently chair of trustees for a number of prominent UK DB and DC schemes, including national Master Trust, the People’s Pension.

He is a popular conference speaker and writes extensively on finance matters, including the influential trustee opinion column in Engaged Investor, which he has written for the the last 10 years. In his career, Steve has won several individual professional awards – Business Presenter of the Year, Pensions Personality of the Year and Independent Trustee of the Year (twice – in 2010 and 2014). He was recently named as one of the Top 50 people in pensions by Pensions Insight.

01737 222402