and Wind Ups

PAN Trustees UK LLP:
Insolvency, Restructuring and Wind Ups

PAN Trustees UK LLP is a leader in this field and assistance can be obtained by appointing PAN as the independent trustee or as an independent advisor to the trustees/company.

PAN Trustees UK LLP also has the advantage, when dealing with insolvency, of being a trust corporation.

The team have, over many years, been involved in a number of leading cases which have impacted on the Pensions industry including:

  • the first independent trustee to be appointed to bulk wind ups by OPRA, the Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority (now The Pensions Regulator) to over 500 schemes which were administered by Crown Financial Management
  • involved with first post-“Mirror/Maxwell” appointments which resulted in criminal hearings, and subsequent custodial sentences for both trustees and supporting advisers
  • involved in overseeing schemes that were involved in the pensions liberations scandals
  • involved in the first compromise agreements accepted by the High Court

We have extensive experience of transitioning schemes into the PPF in a timely accurate and efficient manner. This is supported by our excellent relations and lines of communication with the regulatory authorities.

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