Independent Trusteeship
and Governance

PAN Group:
Independent Trusteeship and Governance

PAN Group provides trusteeship and governance
services to all types of ongoing occupational pension schemes, be they trust based Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution Pension Plans, or contract based arrangements such as Group Personal Pensions and Stakeholder Schemes.

Senior PAN team members are available to be appointed to any of the following key roles:

  1. Independent Trustee or Chair of Trustees
  2. Master Trust governance, including Chair of Trustees
  3. Investment Committee Member or Chair (or a member of other specialist committees such as administration and funding governance)
  4. Member or Chair of an employer’s GPP or Stakeholder governance board
  5. Member or Chair of Independent Governance Committees and GAAs
  6. Independent Governance advisor

All PAN Trustees UK LLP clients have a dedicated lead representative, supported by a named understudy.

PAN Trutees UK LLP harnesses its team’s combined experience, enthusiasm and management skills to help drive the trusteeship or governance of any type of pension arrangement.

For more information about PAN Group, or if you would like to discuss how we can work with your scheme, contact or phone 01444 715315.